Nine Dragons Predator Grenade Launcher


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Nine Dragons Predator Grenade Launcher

- Include :

Grenade Launcher , launch tube x1 , projectile x19

- Material:

Aluminum alloy lightweight design, precision tube internal structure

- Features:

1. Multifunctional product, can also be used as a sniper gun and mortar

2. Commonly used grenades from various brands on the market.

- Manual : 

1. Open the bottom cover of metal tube.

2. Put the 40mm shell into the metal tube.

3. Release the safety

4. shoot

5. Open the lid

6. Unloading the 40mm shell

- Caution :

1. This product is legal for airsoft game.

2. This product cannot be modified.

3. Do not shoot at people indiscriminately.

4. For use in airsoft game only.

5. Please transport using an appropriate carrying bag to the airsoft game venue, and do not casually display to avoid causing social panic.

6. Take response for any illegal actions.