TNT GHK-AUG Retrofit kit S+ Barrel For GHK AUG Series


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TNT AUG HOP S+ Precision Dual diameter Air-cushion inner barrel Set For GHK AUG Series


●T-N.T. - T-HOP bucking / GHK-AUG / 60° *1
●T-N.T. - S+ Double I/D Air-cushion inner barrel 410mm / 510mm *1
●T-N.T. - GHK-AUG HOP chamber assembly *1

●The one-piece HOP seat made by CNC is accurate, and the installation steps are simple and fast.
●Revised the fixing method of the inner barrel and changed it to fixing with hexagon socket screws on both sides, which is stable and does not shake.
●Change to use GBB specification bucking, which has better air-seal.
●Fix the BB reload position to ensure that the reload position is consistent and the shooting performance is more stable.

Supported models:
GHK-AUG GBBR series.

※All retrofit kits are assembled by T.N.T professional technicians, but there may still be slight tolerances between different batches of airsoft guns. It is recommended that you must have relative DIY ability before purchasing.※