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Steps of Removing GHK 553 Magazine Main Body from Shell

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Date Added: 26/10/2018

Tutorial of Replacing Improved Parts for GHK AUG

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Date Added: 03/01/2018

Tips for Changing Steel Outer barrel

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Date Added: 16/01/2017

The Instruction of Removing AUG Fore Grip

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Date Added: 30/12/2016

GHK M4 Lower Disassembly and Assembly

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Date Added: 14/12/2016


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Magic Absorbing Water Gel
Using special conductive gel, increasing 30% up gasification efficiency, which helps saving gas. Co..
GHK Silicone Oil (1000cs)
[ What is silicone oil? ] A highly effective lubricant for the seals, cylinder internals of airsoft..
Linseed oil
Ingredient: Linseed oil Wood treatment oil ..
GHK Pellet Loader
GHK bb loader, with loader tip (loader adapter) ● Material: Plastic made ● Capacity: a..
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GHK Loader adapter
GHK bb Loader Adapter (Loader Tip) Loader tip is very important when filling bbs... otherwise it..
Other parts
Let us know the parts that not shown in our catalogue click here >> [ Contact us ] ..
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