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Date Added: 21/12/2020

[Tutorial] GHK AUG Gas Tube Base Disassembly

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[Tutorial] Remove the Shell From GHK 553 Magazine

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[Tutorial] Replace the Improved Part for GHK AUG

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[Tutorial] Tips for Changing Steel Outer Barrel

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GHK AK Series

GHK AK Series
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AKM / GKM-04
For GHK AKM series GBB  ● Selector assembly zinc alloy part ● This item have zinc..
AKM / GKM-04-1
For GHK AKM series GBB  ● Selector lever & screw, iron and plastic made ● Thi..
AKM / GKM-06
For GHK AKM series GBB  - Bolt buffer, nylon fiber made   ..
AKM / GKM-07
For GHK AKM series GBB  - Nozzle stopper, nylon fiber made   ..
AKM / GKM-08
Compatible for GHK AKM series GBB ● Nylon fiber made, standard version nozzle ● Muzzle..
AKM / GKM-08 1 Joule Muzzle Velocity Nozzle
Compatible for GHK AKM series GBB ● Nylon fiber made, 1 Joule version nozzle ● Muzzle veloc..
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AKM / GKM-08 High Muzzle Velocity Nozzle
What is Muzzle velocity? Muzzle velocity is the speed a projectile has at the moment it leaves the ..
AKM / GKM-08 Low Muzzle Velocity Nozzle
GHK AK Low Muzzle Velocity Nozzle ● Nylon fiber made ● Muzzle velocity:About 80-90 m/s with..
AKM / GKM-08-1
For GHK AKM GBB - Recoil spring set, steel made recoil base, zinc alloy made rod. ..
AKM / GKM-08-2
For GHK AKM GBB - Bolt carrier (Empty bolt carrier + gas tube, without nozzle), aluminum and zinc..
AKM / GKM-08-2-1
For GHK AK series GBB - Empty bolt carrier only, not include gas tube or nozzle, zinc alloy made ..
AKM / GKM-08-2-2
For GHK AK series GBB - Gas tube only, not including bolt carrier and nozzle, aluminum and zinc a..
AKM / GKM-08-2-3
AK Adapter for Bolt Carrier and Gas Rod ● Material: Plastic  ● We suggest user use glue to ..
AKM / GKM-08-3
For GHK AKM series GBB  ● AK series, nozzle buffer o-ring, black color ● O-ring size (I.D.x..
AKM / GKM-08-4
For GHK AKM series GBB  ● AK series, air tight o-ring, grey color. ● O-ring size ..
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